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Can anyone become a Member of the Club?

We are a private club therefore you must be Member sponsored to apply for membership.

Can a list of current Members be obtained?

In the interest of our Members' privacy, we do not distribute Membership lists to non-members. 

Can my Guests pay for their own food and beverages?
As a private member club, which is not open to the public, we do not accept cash. All club charges must be charged to the Member Account.


Can I get a tour of the Club? 

As a private member club, prospective Members can request a tour of the club if interested in pursuing a membership. Please contact


When do you accept applications for new membership to the Club? 

Typically, we start accepting applications at the start of the new calendar year.  We continue accepting applications for Introductory Memberships until March 15.  If you have any questions or would like to have information sent to you please contact membership@miltonhoosicclub.comAs mentioned above we are a private club and an Introductory Member will need a current Member to propose them.  


What memberships do you offer at the Milton-Hoosic Club? 

With our more than 100 year history, we pride ourselves as being a family club. Therefore, we offer two levels of family membership; Social and Golfing. Please contact for more details.


What are the finacial requirements to become a Member? 

Please contact for specific information.