JULY HOURS Restaurant: Lunch Tue-Sun 11am-4pm, Tuesday-Pub Night 4pm-8pm, Dinner Wed -Sat 4pm-9pm  Golf Shop Hours: Mon-Fri - 7am-6pm   Sat-Sun - 6:30am-6pm   Pool Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 10am-8pm (Week of Giving is Mon July 22nd - Sun July 28th)
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General Information

We hope you enjoy your day at The Milton-Hoosic Club and if we may assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to ask. Below is a brief summary of our rules and answers to questions you may have that we hope you find helpful.

Dress Code

Attire at the Club should be tasteful and appropriate at all times.  Male golfers must wear collared shirts and can wear golf shorts. Please no gym attire or bathing attire on the course.


Blue denim is not allowed inside the Clubhouse.  Ripped, faded, torn or distressed pants of any kind are not allowed in the Clubhouse. In addition, gentlemen should remove sport caps/hats and visors before entering the Clubhouse.  During the golf and tennis season, any dress permitted on the golf course or tennis courts is similarly permitted in the Clubhouse. Shoes, sneakers or sandals must be worn at all times inside the Clubhouse, or Pro Shop. Soft spike golf shoes may be worn in the Clubhouse. Swimsuits and all manner of pool wear cover-ups may not be worn outside of the pool and parking areas.


Please wear appropriate tennis attire. No bathing attire is permitted.


Dress for the pool for men and boys is swimming trunks and for women and girls is a bathing suit, as accepted in good taste by the membership. Bathing attire is only allowed in the pool area.

Cell Phones

Permitted areas for use of cell phones to make calls are located in the parking lot(s) and upper picnic area near the pool.


The Milton-Hoosic Club is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted in any dining area, including the clubhouse and pool area.